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SDL TTF for x64 as static library

I compiled a static, 64 bit version of the Simple DirectMedia Layer library last Christmas, plus the sdl_ttf and the Freetype library. Now these can be downloded here in this zip file:


SDL_TTF_x64_static.zip (955 KByte), it contains these files:

  • SDL.lib (985 KByte): SDL library
  • SDL_ttf.lib (123 KByte): SDL_TTF library
  • freetype244.lib (1.4 MByte): FreeType library, used by the SDL_TTF
  • dxguid.lib (789 KByte): it’s from the DirectX SDK. Windows version of SDL is using DirectX.

You have to link the winmm.lib also. All are 64 bit libraries. If you link them with your project, and add the proper header files, then you will be able to use SDL_TTF in a 64 bit project.


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