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Monthly Archives: February 2013


CozyCL: a comfortable OpenCL library


CozyCL is a very simple, minimalist OpenCL library. You can run programs on your graphics card pretty easily with it, without the need to know anything about the data types of the base libraries (at least for the host program). When I started to learn about GPU programming in the previous weeks, I found even the most handy C++ bindings pretty time-consuming for a beginner, who is mostly interested in getting positive feedback and sense of achievement after a couple of initial attempts.


Multi-threaded Buddhabrot fractal rendering in C++ for 16 bit/channel post-processing


I’ve written the major part of this Buddhabrot rendering program in last August, and after a six months break I carried on with it again this weekend to close the project finally. But before going into details, let`s see what it does: