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Some of my old compositions

From 2009 January-February


These were created between 1999-2005

Title MIDI MP3 Score
 d-moll bigyusz  d_moll_bigyusz.mid  d_moll_bigyusz.mp3  d_moll_bigyusz.pdf
 d12  d12.mid  d12.mp3  d12.pdf
 d16  d16.mid  d16.mp3  d16.pdf
 Violin duo  vio_duo.mid  vio_duo.mp3 (new)  vio_duo.pdf
 Nap himnusz  nap_himnusz.mid  nap_himnusz.mp3  nap_himnusz.pdf
 Harangjáték  harangjatek.mid  harangjatek.mp3  harangjatek.pdf
 Harangjáték (jazz version by: Band in a box)  harangjatek_jazz.mid  harangjatek_jazz.mp3  
 z19  z19.mid  z19.mp3  


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